Welcome to BabyTopia Child Care

If you are due a refund, you are owed payroll or invoices or if you simply would like to get more information, call my attorney:


I just got this law firm 0722/2019


Please also CC:

Brent Stephens



Jennifer Mond





Loop of emails, send me an email: Michael@BlackmoonAndCompany.com.


I'll include in my emails so that you can understand the lebel of negligence in the part of the Goberment and Inspectors provided by the State; I have escalated this matter to the FBI with no response... I'm at a complete loss right now, I have always provided 100% Customer Saticfaction and this situation has completely ruined my record... Rest sure, i will continue to fight and get this matter to a full resolution as quickly as possible.... 07/18/2019

Full time, part time, and custom daycare schedules are ON HOLD - available.

All this people all involved in resolving the closure of BabyTopia including the FBI and Sheriffs; but no response from anyone.... 07/18/2019


Welcome to BabyTopia, and thank you for your interest in our programs. BabyTopia provides a safe, positive, loving, and educational environment for infants and toddlers ages 0 to 5 years of age.


At BabyTopia we believe that every child in our care is a part of our family, as such you can rest assured knowing that your child will be cared for as if he or she was our own.


We strive for 110% customer satisfaction; happy, healthy and well taken care of children

Flawless 12 year record with the State of Colorado (Minor violations, Yes Immediately corrected)



Our tuition rates vary depending on location, age of child, attendance schedule and availability. If you would like a quote on child care tuition, please use our Contact Us form.


The chart below reflects the number of child care openings available at each daycare facility.

  Infants 0-12 Mo. Toddlers 12-24 Mo. Preschool 24+ 

Full Time at 33rd St

(Five Points)








Part Time at 33rd St

(Five Points)


             0                 0               0

Full or Part Time 

(Park Hill)


             0 (FT)





         0 (FT)











 Updated 06/25/19 Waiting list for services ONLY; Business as normal for any current clients that understand English and Law. Questions please call Michael Cell (720) 273-7733 Text I never answer my phone.


Restitution for any damages: Place a claim with Mr. Gabaldon; El Paso TX police lost $36,000,000,000.00 in corporate bonds and valuables + Damages + Criminal Negligence so I say $1000/day sounds reasonable.


Also any questions regarding the Flawless record of BabyTopia and the Criminal Negligence on the part of the State of Colorado Division of CHILD CARE, Call Melinda Hughes-Connor (720) 865-5396 to see what assistance she has provided regarding this CRITICAL discriminatory and negligent time?  Ask her one simple question, ready? What is the problem Melinda? She should have the details after all she closed the facility without calling the owner back in repeated ocations over the last 2.5 years.


If you call Michael be aware, he is direct and has Aspberger's Syndrom + He is a Holistic Healer / The Exorsist (720) 273-7733 is his cell (Text he never answers the phone) ask for a call back and he will call you immediately but the wold better be ending, Armagedon is what i'm saying to you.


As for any clients that left, May God protect you and take you in the right path, Mi casa will always be su Child's casa!